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There has been a lot of news coverage and general "chat" about the Coulee Kids' Podcast. We thank everyone who has recognized our leadership in the area of student-created podcasts. This page is intended to convey not only what the adults are saying but also the kids!
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Why is podcasting motivating?
* Whenever I hear myself on a podcast, I want to get better for the next time. Alex
* I can take a topic and make it my own. I know I am teaching someone else, and my style is to write a hilarious script. Emily
* Podcasting makes me come to the classroom at lunch, because I feel that people should know what we are doing at school. It also helps me to become closer to my friends. Ben
* Podcasting reaches out to others across the nation. I feel our voices are being heard. Alyssa
* Podcasting is very motivating, because people from all over the world are listening to you. It is a very exciting task, and I feel like we are competing with all the other student podcasts to be the very best! Zach
* It is motivating because it is nice to know our voices are being heard. It is something to do that others can enjoy. Mitch
* Podcasting isn't just an assignment. It is your way of being creative and showing the things that you love. Brandon.
* Podcasting is motivating because it is just plain fun. It doesn't matter what the subject is; podcasting makes all subjects enjoyable to learn. Kim
* I have always wanted to be a star or to be famous. I wanted to see myself on TV or at least be on the radio. Now, I finally have the chance, but not on TV or the radio, on the INTERNET!!! That motivates me to want to work on podcasts. Allen
* Podcasting is so motivating because you get to have fun while you are learning. You also get to team up with a partner and make a great piece of work. Jay
* Do I need to say it? iTunes! Damian
* Podcasting to me is a fun and educating way to learn. Making something fun makes kids want to do it more, and if you mix in grammar and writing, you will have geniuses in no time. - Addison
* Podcasting would motivate a lot of people. I love being able to hear my voice on the computer and knowing that other people are hearing my project on the Internet is the joy of making a podcast. -Shane S.
* Podcasting is motivating because of the people all over the globe can tune in and learn what we are doing in school. It is pretty awesome that I can go to iTunes, click on podcasts and Boom! I'm listening to myself online. Luke
* Podcasting motivates me because you feel like you are telling the world about little stuff that we do. It makes you eel important and accepted. Ryan
Why should kids have the opportunity to podcast?
* You become closer to not only your friends but your teachers. Ben
* You sort of become famous, and people from all over the world are listening to you, YOU! Zach
All kids should be podcasting, because there is so much technology involved. In the future, we are going to be expected to learn new technologies at work. Megan
* Podcasting is for people of every age. It helps them to not be shy and to talk in front of a microphone. Damian
* Podcasting is addicting, because it makes you think. Addison
It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, because it is wonderful to know you did a great job and know that others are hearing you too. Shane
* It motivates me to do better with my sentence fluency and my speech. David
* All kids should have the opportunity, because it actually makes you interested in school and in work. Ryan
* All kids should have the opportunity, because podcasting is a learning experience. Becca
Talk about the applications you use to podcast.
* Garageband and iPhoto really help our class progress in podcasting. These programs are really easy to work with. We just click a button and move forward. Alyssa G.
* Garageband is extremely helpful. It allows you to record your voices very easily. You can alter your voice and spice up your podcast in a snap. Zach
* Garageband and iPhoto are simple to use. They are similar to freedom, because you are capable to do whatever you need to do. Brandon
* Garageband is sweet! Jay
* Garageband helps our podcast greatly; it makes our podcast exciting.
* Garageband and iPhoto work together in perfect harmony with each other. Garage band is very student friendly, so it's easy to work with, yet it lets you use all the functions you would ever need to make it sound like a professional. IPhoto is a creative way to store, manipulate, and organize your photos with easy access. I think these programs are essential for us to make podcasts. Luke
* We are really lucky to have Garageband on our computers. Becca






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